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Richard Vague is Interviewed by Jason Hartman

Richard Vague is one of the few economists who are currently talking about the problems of massive private debt. He is the author of The Next Economic Disaster and talks to Jason Hartman about China's economic problem along with some interesting facts and correlations about the US economy.

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The Private Debt Crisis

China is drowning in it. The whole world has too much of it. History suggests: This won’t end well. 

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Investor: Forgive China's debt and it will recover

Credit expert Richard Vague says the road to economic recovery is about forgiving debt.

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This Philly Business Guru Predicted the Chinese Financial Crisis Plaguing the US Stock Market

Richard Vague explains Monday's volatile stock market, and explores what the future may hold.

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The trouble with China's economy

In this CNN article credit expert Richard Vague talks about why Chinese economy continues to show signs of weakness. read the article >

China's June Stock Market Collapse

Author Richard Vague discusses the June stock market collapse in China, and explains why high growth is unsustainable.

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Richard Vague speaks at The Atlantic's Summit on the Economy

On April 23, 2015, in

The Coming Crises in China

Rapid private-debt growth threw Japan into crisis in 1991 and did the same to the United States and Europe in 2008. China may be next.

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Government Debt Isn't the Problem

Read Richard Vague's article in The Atlantic

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C-SPAN Book Discussion

Watch Richard's appearance on C-Span to discuss the book, with Q&A conducted by Riva Froymovich

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The Wright Show

Interview with Robert Wright of

PhillyDeals: Book's fresh theory on the rising threat to economies

Read The Philadelphia Inquirer's Joseph N. DiStefano's review of Richard Vagues new book, The Next Economic Disaster.

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A Welcome Jolt to Shortsighted Washington

Ed Luce's column regarding our research report titled "A welcome jolt to shortsighted Washington" appears in the July 23, 2012 Financial Times.

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Economic Growth Idea: Forgive or Restructure Debt U.S. Citizens Hold- The Atlantic b

Steve Clemons is Washington editor at large for The Atlantic and editor of Atlantic Live, his article appears in the July 22, 2012 entry of The Atlantic's website.

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